Assamese filmmaker bags award in UK

Hiramoni Sarma

London-based Assamese management counsellor and journalist Hiramani Sarma’a short film You Are Limitless, based on a real story that deals with the challenges of a disabled person (dwarf) both physically and emotionally, has bagged the prestigious ‘Reading Film Makers’ Award’ of the UK.
Director Sarma first met ‘Damian’, the main character of the film at a gym and got inspired by how he took fitness as his strength despite his physical challenges and left no excuse to bring about the best version of himself. Set on the outskirts of London, the dual theme of showcasing the stereotype mindset of the society towards dwarfs and how the protagonist navigates through disappointments and focuses on his strength is inspiring.
The story successfully depicts the struggles and daily setbacks in a dwarf’s life because of his physical appearance and leaves the message: be comfortable in who you are, believing in your strength and become relentless in discovering yourself from within.
(Courtesy: AT)