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Assam specialty tea auctioned for record Rs.99,999 per kg

The Manohari Gold Tea created history by breaking its own record set earlier. (File)

Guwahati, December 14: A specialty tea In Assam was auctioned for ? 99,999 per kg, the highest bid in a tea auction, an official said.
The Manohari Gold Tea, which created history by breaking its own record set earlier, was bought by Saurav Tea Traders at an auction at Guwahati Tea Auction Centre.
Last year, the Manohari Gold Tea was sold at ? 75,000 per kilogram, the highest in the year, at the centre.
“We have created history once again. Our 1 kg Gold Tea was auctioned at ? 99,999 at Guwahati Tea Auction centre on Tuesday morning. We give importance to quality, we don’t compromise with quality. Today, we are very happy because once again we brought glory for Assam tea,” said Rajan Lohia, owner of Manohari Tea Estate.
He said, “We made the tea with the small bud with finest clove P-126. Every year our target is to produce 10 kg of Gold Tea but this year we produce 2 kg of Gold Tea. For tea production, the weather and soil quality of Assam is perfect. We only give stress to quality.”
On the tea industry crisis, Mr Lohia said, “Only quality tea can save the tea industry of Assam. Assam tea is famous in the world because of its rich quality”.
Manohari Tea Estate is spread across 1,000 acres of land where around 600 workers are employed.
In 2018, 1kg of the same brand of tea was auctioned for ? 39,000 and was bought by the Saurabh Tea Traders that time as well. A year later, the same company bought a kilogram of that tea for an auction price of ? 50,000.
In 2020, 1kg of the tea fetched ? 75,000, with Vishnu Tea Company winning the bid. (ndtv)