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Another train with 426 stranded citizens to reach Dimapur on Sunday

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Dimapur, May 23: Another special train carrying 426 stranded citizens of Nagaland from different parts of the country is expected to arrive Dimapur on Sunday morning at around 5:40 am.
This was informed by State Principal Home Secretary Abhijit Sinha, IAS in his briefing on status of COVID-19 on Nagaland.
Sinha also informed that about 1,550 migrants from Bihar State stranded in Nagaland will be leaving Dimapur by a special train to Motihari, Bihar at around 9 pm.
988 samples tested negative
Out of a total of 1035 suspected COVID-19 samples sent for testing from the State so far, 988 samples have tested negative, while results of 47 samples are awaited. Through the Truenat testing machine, so far out of 30 samples, results of 27 samples have been received and they are negative. The results of 3 samples are awaited.
On Saturday a total of 3986 persons were screened for COVID-19.
As of today, 1809 persons are under facility quarantine in Nagaland, Sinha informed.
As announced earlier, the facility for applying on the portal by the stranded citizens of Nagaland who voluntarily opt to stay back at their present place of residence, and avail a one time assistance of Rs 10,000 opened on Saturday at 10 am. The applications may be filled up till 10 am of May 26, after which the facility will be closed. Till 4 pm on Saturday after the facility opened on the portal, 3985 applications have been received, he informed.
Sinha further informed that a total of 11,784 citizens have signed up in the nCOVID-19 Nagaland – Visitors App and in the past 14 days 2095 persons have submitted their travel self declaration. Currently 1290 persons are being digitally monitored through the nCOVID-19 Nagaland – Visitors App. (Page News Service)