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Announce Naga solution without delay: NGBF

NGBF delegation with Prime Minister Modi at Delhi in 2017 (File Photo)

‘GBs don’t need recognition certificate from anyone’

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 4: The Nagaland Gaonbura Federation (NGBF) has again appealed to the Government of India to announce Naga political solution without further delay, saying the promise of early solution for the last two decades and lapse of one year after the conclusion of the formal dialogue has created void and apprehension in the mind of the Naga people.
The GBs appealed to Naga political negotiating parties and the Government of India (GoI) to abide by what have been declared to the Naga people and without delay translate into reality the October 31, 2019 decision announcing that the negotiations between GoI and both Naga negotiating parties, NSCN (IM) and WC, NNPGs, had completed.
“To backtrack from such well documented mutual understanding would be a betrayal to the Nagas”, it said in a press release issued by NGBF president Shalem Konyak, vice president Khashito Yeptho and general secretary Shikuto Zalipu.
The NGGB also appealed to the NSCN (IM) to expedite the peace process and “join hands for Naga solution”. “We are fully convinced that the Nagas are fully prepared for a negotiated honorable political solution. We see no reason to further delay the signing of the Indo-Naga political solution/agreement”, it said.
This was resolved in an executive meeting of NGBF on November 3, at Dimapur, the release informed.
The GBs also expressed dismay at what it claimed is the “overt threats and intimidations” against the GBs. “The Gaonbura/village chieftains had, since the beginning of the Indo-Naga political conflict, been at the forefront of peace and diplomatic initiatives with the GOI and also among the warring Naga groups. We are however at the receiving end of every side nevertheless we will tirelessly work to facilitate the honorable settlement of the conflict through political negotiation.”
Terming it as “unprecedented and demeaning” to brand the entire peace and early solution yearning of the Nagas, including 14 tribes and other civil societies, as traitors and anti-Naga, the NGBF condemned the allegation. “We therefore render the statement as obsolete and obliterate the same from the record”, it stated.
Stating that the positions of Nagaland Gaonburas need no “recognition certificate” from anybody, the NGBF maintained that the significance of Gaonbura’s institution in Nagaland has been well documented and recorded even before the arrival of British colonial rule. “But ignorant attitudes of some sections have fabricated Gaonburas as mere government agents, distorted our traditional legacy and trying to subdue the legitimate rights of the Gaonburas”, it said.
In the post-solution era, the NGBF said it will not tolerate or allow any anti-peace elements or forces to take shelter, use violence, threat and intimidation against individual Naga leaders, tribal leaders, or Naga citizens under any pretext or circumstances within its ancestral and traditional jurisdiction.
The NGBF, along with the active participation of the populace, shall concertedly confront such threats in the Naga soil. The NGBF shall utilize all resources to preserve and maintain peace in our land, it resolved.
At the same time, the NGBF appealed to the Indian Security Forces, keeping in view the seriousness of the situations, to refrain from raids in villages on the pretext of patrolling protocol, as this has resulted in creating fear psychosis among innocent public.
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