ADC Pfutsero requisitions JNV

Dimapur, May 21: Additional Deputy Commissioner Pfutsero Phuleshe K Yepthomi has requisitioned the JNV Lewoza buildings and its premises and will be kept at the disposal of the District administration for use as quarantine facility.
Meanwhile the ADC has notified the SOP for entry of returnees from other states to Pfutsero Sub-division:
Returnees inbound for Pfutsero Sub-Division and initially Quarantined at Kohima for three day will not be allowed to disembark mid-way during the course of the onward journey to Pfutsero Sub-Division; security deployment is to be arranged by SDPO Pfutsero at all the Quarantine Centre ie, CBCC Mission Center, Nazareth School and JNV, Zuketsa.
Screening, registration, of all returnees will be compulsorily done by Medical Team upon reaching the quarantine centre; after completion of all the formalities by the receiving/Medical Team, the returnees will be sent to their allotted room and bed.
Medical team will be stationed in all the designated quarantine centers and on arrival of the returnees at the institutional quarantine center at CBCC Mission Center, Nazareth School and JNV Zuketsa, the Medical Department will take over thereafter. Protocol for institutional Quarantine will be as per the provisions notified by the Medical Department.
The monitoring committee of all the quarantine centres will co-ordinate with the parents/guardians and ensure that the bedding/toiletries are to be kept ready before the arrival of the returnees.
Food and refreshment for the staff and the returnees at all the quarantine centre will be arranged by the mess committee. All grievances of the returnees will be addressed by the monitoring committee of the quarantine centres.
The ADC also notified that no visitors will be allowed inside the institutional quarantine centres. (Page News Service)