Academy picks four categories to present during Oscar commercial breaks

The Academy has finally decided which categories will be presented during the commercial breaks at the 91st Oscars on February 24. Four groups of winners will accept their awards, which will be edited into the ABC broadcast. Academy President John Bailey, a cinematographer, lead the way with his branch, which volunteered to be edited during the Oscar telecast, along with sound editing, sound mixing, and documentary branches. This year the edited winners will be cinematography, film editing, live action short and makeup and hairstyling. Next year a different group will rotate into being presented during the ad breaks.
Bailey wrote an email to Academy members with the details for the show, below. He stressed that the Oscars are “still honoring the achievements of all 24 awards on the Oscars.” And for the first time, ABC will live stream the Oscarcast, including these four full award presentations. “Fans will be able to watch on and on the Academy’s social channels,” Bailey wrote. “The live stream is a first for our show, and will help further awareness and promotion of these award categories. In the case of the four categories that are announced during commercial breaks, the winning speeches will air later in the broadcast.”
This unpopular plan to shorten some of the craft categories during the telecast by editing them into the show like the BAFTA and Tony Awards is designed to keep the length of the show to less than three hours and boost the telecast’s ratings. However, like the BAFTAs which were aired some time after the live event, tweets will give away the winners long before they air.
The idea is to cut down the length of the walkups and highlight the best parts of the speeches. It’s a work in progress. But some valuable momentum and tension will be lost if, for example “Roma” wins cinematography early in the night and viewers won’t be able to speculate about its later wins. And editing is often a category that presages the eventual winner, creating suspense.
Timing will be everything. Tellingly, none of the categories consigned to commercial breaks happen to feature a nominee from Disney, the parent company of ABC.