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4th September 2019

ARIES: You’re longing to travel and explore some areas that you haven’t been able to visit. Maybe this is bordering on daydreaming. Daydreaming is in reality, however. It’s time to get your bucket list together and even if you’re unable to fulfil this lifelong dream, getting together your wish list will at least give you something to focus on and work towards.
TAURUS: You have an endless supply of energy and initiative for work projects but your health may not be great now so take care. Also, monitor how much and with whom you’re spending your hard-earned money as you may find yourself kicking yourself for financial indiscretions.
GEMINI: Good fortune smiles on you during this current cycle. But only through hard and diligent work on your part would you receive the full benefits. It’s a good time to push business affairs, and take advantage of new opportunities for future expansion.
CANCER: A side of you which is usually hidden is likely to emerge now and this may be positive or negative. You reach a turning point where you’re forced to face outdated personal habits and your domestic and personal life doesn’t go smoothly.
LEO: Your defences are weaker than usual and you find yourself accepting the easy road for the time being. You are seeing things less clearly than usual so avoid making too many decisions or commitment until you’ve had more time to evaluate.
VIRGO: Your genuine concern for others may not be recognised at present. This could make you feel upset that you’re not being appreciated. Why not think of creative ways to get the recognition you desire? You may find yourself in a jam so it is important to be flexible and in solving problems.
LIBRA: Someone’s loyalty is somewhat pretentious at the moment and you realise they’re simply paying lip service and nothing else. Play the game if only to learn more about human nature and be a step ahead. You can be successful without offending others, even if they are being obnoxious.
SCORPIO: You are pretty lucky at this juncture in time and this can bring with it some financial benefits, extra cash that you may not have expected or even perhaps gifts from the most unlikely people. Romantically speaking, you need straightforward communications to plan to bring your relationships together and push to a new level.
SAGITTARIUS: You are not feeling comfortable about someone’s attitude but you’re probably seeing a reflection of yourself in them. They are feeling exactly the same way as you are right now. Compromise is your keyword during this cycle but there is also a necessity to dig a little deeper into what you and the other individual wish to achieve as a unit, not separately.
CAPRICORN: Check that you have everything before leaving on a journey, even if it’s just to work, is always a good thing. No wallet = a big headache. At work, use your abilities to uncover unacceptable practices or even unchecked corruption.
AQUARIUS: You’re finally starting to see there is a different way to deal with your family relationships. ‘Practice makes perfect’ and today you’ll see some positive results. You can randomly produce some brilliant works of art or other creative pieces, even in the kitchen! Let your creative juices flow today.
PISCES: Your mental energy is stimulated and flows with a positive influence. It should be easy at this time to learn and grasp more knowledge than usual and to undertake and pass tests. This is a fortunate and successful period for mental application. Remain alert for new business opportunities.