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4th May 2018

ARIES: Communication is lively and stimulating, but sudden outbursts from obstructive types in left-field can cause upset. Resist the urge to hand out a tongue-lashing, no matter how much they deserve it.
TAURUS: It’s all about money today. You’ve got a fantastic day to see reward in both status and your wallet. Don’t be shy – you’re worth more than you think.
GEMINI: Consider the possibility that you are being a little bit too visionary and not enough realistic in terms of your beliefs about something very personal to you. Open your eyes.
CANCER: This is a day for you to be out and about networking with others and asserting your ideas. Groups and organizations will be particularly receptive.
LEO: You might want to believe you have unlimited resources, but this pompous attitude towards finances could come back to haunt you. Keep it real..
VIRGO: A friend might come to you today believing he or she could handle a problem that you clearly determine they cannot overcome. You’ll be there to help with a shoulder to cry on, if need be.
LIBRA: The focus is on committed relationships today. This gives you a stronger than usual need to relate to someone close. The other person is now more important than you are.
SCORPIO: You’ll insist on doing things your way today. You might make a sudden move or change direction in a flash. Everyone will be more receptive to this change than expected.
SAGITTARIUS: There’s a dreamy state of mind when it comes to your family life today. You are only seeing the very best in your relatives and will find it easy to stay at home. It’s your refuge.
CAPRICORN: There’s a fantastic day ahead for you, today. You can accomplish a great deal in your professional life that will make you feel valued beyond belief.
AQUARIUS: Everyone will be on something of a power kick today. The pursuit for capital this day might lead you to an underhanded tactic if you’re not careful.
PISCES: Family conviviality is the name of the game today. You will easily be able to draw out fascinating conversation from the depths of a relative’s mind. This will be on subjects he or she might normally never speak of.