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3rd May 2018

ARIES: Be aware of your tendency to waste your own creative energy today. You are able to keep yourself busy and productive on a creative project, but you may lack focus due to your ego.
TAURUS: You have a creative mind when it comes to tackling your own routines today and re-inventing them for the betterment of your spirit and sanity. You should trust your mind today above all else. You have extraordinary powers of intellect working in your favour now.
GEMINI: The potential for acting against oneself is a dominant pattern for everyone. In your chart, it reveals that you and a friend may have an argument.Don’t argue with a co worker today over some miniscule issue that really isn’t that important to you. You cannot even explain why you’re argumentative. It’s a touchy day.
CANCER: Today brings a wonderful opportunity to take stock of your personal habits. Physical illness usually stems from an emotional imbalance. You’ll discover if you’ve got something you ‘feel’ that makes you sick today.
LEO: Your heart is filled with storybook romance sentiment today! It’s the perfect time to spend with your lover, so do something fun and take an exhilarating risk together.
VIRGO: The trend of kinship continues for you and your partner. Today there is a mutual desire to think outside the box in your relationship. You brainstorm well together.
LIBRA: While your partner is obviously attracted to you, at the same time that flirty nature will demand a bit of personal space and freedom. Indulge in the coy attitude.
SCORPIO: Control the urge to be a little over-intense towards a love interest. Be aware of ‘coming on too strong’. If you’re attached, this could manifest as a desire to obsess over a creative project.
SAGITTARIUS: You and a business partner could discover a new and innovative approach to your professional aspirations together today. The key to remember is “two heads are better than one”.
CAPRICORN: You have an artistic flair to your work projects today. Your boss will compliment you for your creativity on the job, but either way, your daily tasks will be anything but routine.
AQUARIUS: Today brings a lesson in emotional discipline for you. You will not easily reveal how you truly feel. Whether or not this is a positive thing remains to be seen.
PISCES: Expect a foreign influence to colour the day’s events. You may initiate contact with someone of another culture or background: this person will help you in either a legal, publishing or advertising venture.