3 films received from Nagaland at Asia’s biggest green film festival

Kohima, November 21: 10th CMS VATAVARAN international film festival received three films from Nagaland namely, “Narphu Wildlife Sanctuary” directed by PelevizoMeyase, “Strength in Diversity-Stress in tolerant crops of Nagaland” directed by Chentei lam Khiamniungan Naga, and “River Story” by Yapangnaro Longkumer, which will be held from November 27 to 30 at Dr. Ambedkar International Centre, New Delhi.
The film ‘Narphu wildlife sanctuary’-saving the last Refuge has been made by Pelevizo Meyase, Green Hub Fellow (2017-18) from Nagaland. The films looks at how the forest department is working towards protecting this last piece of wilderness in the region. Narphu wildlife Sanctuary is the only remaining sub tropical is forest in Khasi and Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya. The film looks at how the forest department is working towards protecting this last piece of wilderness in the region. With most of the community forest areas gone due to extensive mining, Narphu Wildlife Sanctuary is like an oasis that offers a refuge to wildlife as well as the people living in the fringes. The film is in collaboration with CEDAR and Meghalaya Forest Department.
The film ‘Strength in diversity’ made by chentei ,the traditional crop cultivation of Nagaland. The film is on Chentei’s grandmother and how she grows her millets. the film gives some insight into stress resistant crops,the value of agriculture and inherent knowledge within community.
River Story made by Yapangnaro is all about the Lotha tribe of Nagaland. The Lotha tribe calls Wokha district home. The Doyang river flows right down the middle locally called ‘pofu’ simply meaning encircle ,because it touches all the three mountains that encircle Wokha. The traditional attachment to the river is very strong .History talks of villages taking oaths upon the river to cement friendship treaties, where upon reneging on the treaty would mean drowning of the people by the river.
CMS VATAVARAN is India’s premier environment and wildlife film festival and forum. It is aimed towards enhancing understanding ,appreciation and shift in attitudes towards the natural world and to increase space for environment issues in mass media and evolve a nationwide environment outreach framework.the celebration exhibits the best of Indian and International movies and documentaries. The Film festival & forum is being organized by Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change, Government of India and curated by CMS Vatavaran.
Total 1020 films received for the festival and 77 films are nominated {45 National and 35 International films} by the nomination jury.The films are in various Categories, namely the festival theme “celebrating Himalayas”, Wildlife conservation ,Environment conservation , Livelihoods & sustainable Technologies, climate change: Adaption and mitigation ,Animation Films, Amateur& Youth films and public service announcement will be screened at the 10th CMS VATAVARN. (Page News Service)