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16th February 2019

ARIES: This is a good day for making some room for relaxing recreation, as it’s a time to refresh and rejuvenate yourself through activities you genuinely enjoy. If you need to forgive someone or be forgiven, today can provide the moment.
TAURUS: Your confident, calm demeanor helps you attract easygoing interactions. It’s a good day for love, friendship, and camaraderie. There can be attractions to different, unusual, or exotic people and things right now, and certainly to ideas and concepts that take you away from the routine, expected, and humdrum.
GEMINI: This can be a time when you’re especially attracted to someone’s depth of character. Alternatively, you can find yourself pleasantly engrossed in a project, study, or pursuit. Venus is in harmony with Neptune, and there can be a magical quality to your feelings and relationships.
CANCER: The key is increased faith that you’re headed in the right direction, even if it’s not clearly defined. You are carrying yourself in a worthy way, and this can attract more to you as Venus and Neptune connect harmoniously.
LEO: There can be a nice feeling that you’re contributing something positive to the world today, and being of service or help to others can be particularly rewarding now. Your intuition increases for work, research, and health matters.
VIRGO: It’s an active time for attracting positive people, feelings, and experiences into your life. This is also an excellent day for releasing tension and refreshing your spirit, perhaps through bringing a bit of romance into your life. Focusing on the positive, beautiful, and magical qualities of life can be therapeutic now.
LIBRA: Your desire for harmony, beauty, and balance is gently stimulated, and you’re likely to want to apply your strong artistic sense to make your home or work environment more comfortable and pleasing. Compassion and forgiveness are in great supply now.
SCORPIO: A gentle, compassionate approach to the world around you works in your favor now. Soak in the positive energy, but do pay attention, as there can be helpful, encouraging news or information circulating that benefits you. It’s also a good time to benefit from favorable word of mouth.
SAGITTARIUS: You may be recognizing different levels and dimensions of your needs for security and comfort that you might ignore, overlook, or miss on a busier day. Intuition runs high for business ideas, but the real beauty of the day lies in a stronger awareness of intangibles that contribute to a sense of satisfaction.
CAPRICORN: This is an excellent time to enjoy a refreshing retreat of sorts, if this is possible, since indulging yourself in some way can be tonic for your soul now. It’s a good time for drawing up plans for a writing, speaking, or learning project and for getting in touch with a special person in your life.
AQUARIUS: Your dreams, visions, and intuition are even more potent than usual. Your imagination is active now, and if you can combine this with practical intelligence, you are in great shape. Your faith can help you attract good experiences to you.
PISCES: It’s a fine time to gain some perspective on a friendship or private matter, and making a new friend or cementing a bond with a current one can figure strongly. That you don’t judge others is an especially appealing trait now–it’s magical.