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15th February 2019

ARIES: You have a greater need for security and familiarity now, and you’re also willing to put effort into pursuing these things with Mars newly energizing your resources sector. You’re motivated to make your life more comfortable and to enjoy family or domestic life more completely.
TAURUS: Mind you, there is some tendency to spread your attention around, and this can serve you well at this time. You can be exceptionally resourceful, and while you’re in a friendly mood, you seem to achieve the most independently today. A bit of healthy competition might motivate you now, and you’re drawn to engaging activities.
GEMINI: You are highly motivated to be productive, and extraordinarily resourceful. While your needs for steadiness and comfort are strong with this transit, you’re ready to pursue these things determinedly. A relationship, joy, or creature comfort can be the focus.
CANCER: nergies now can serve as motivation to tackle a big project or refine one that you’ve already set into motion. Asserting yourself is natural now, and goes over very well. It’s an excellent time for motivation and focus. Activities related to networking and innovative work can fare particularly well, and they can be pleasantly lively.
LEO: Taking a break, examining the past, and reorienting yourself as you prepare for a new beginning may be in focus now. Even so, the Moon connects to fireball Mars today, and while you’re going under the radar in some way, you’re also quite focused on your goals and ambitions.
VIRGO: You’re likely to enjoy sharing your ideas and good company, more so than usual. The day should be spirited and hold some room for exploration and discovery, even if this only happens on a mental level. Conversations can lift your spirits and inspire exciting new ideas and plans.
LIBRA: This is the time of the month for checking in with your goals and performance. You can be pleasantly productive today, and you have a rather competent air about you that compels others to follow your lead. You’re active today, but you’re also pacing yourself well, and this feels right.
SCORPIO: Grab any opportunity that arises that might pull you out of your usual routine, and that adds a dash of adventure to your life, as the Moon heads into your solar ninth house–the sector of your chart that encourages you to expand, learn new things, and feed your spirit.
SAGITTARIUS: It’s a time for feeling pleasantly stimulated and motivated. It’s easy to find something exciting and engaging to pour your energy into even if you’re doing things solo now. Your emotions are intense but contained as the Moon heads into your solar eighth house for a couple of days, and you’re particularly resourceful right now.
CAPRICORN: Others have a positive influence on you, gently motivating you to take action or do something fun and interesting that you may not have felt motivated to do otherwise. You’re inclined to seek out company, and others notice and seek you out in turn.
AQUARIUS: It may be that gaining the cooperation of loved ones comes naturally now, but it can also benefit you to work solo and concentrate on the task at hand. You can be particularly productive on a home, work, or family matter/project.
PISCES: Your actions and your emotions are in harmony right now, and this helps you in most every life department in some shape or form. You can find yourself drawn to activities that entertain and offer you a fun and healthy challenge. There may be a pleasant buzz or added sizzle in a love relationship now, especially on a mental level.