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14th February 2019

ARIES: Focus turns away from your personality and sense of independence to matters of security, including business and financial concerns. You’ll be especially excited about and motivated to take care of your valuables and finances, but it’s also an active period for building confidence in your own worth or value.
TAURUS: It’s a period of innovation, new beginnings, and increased courage. It doesn’t take much to get you all worked up, which can support you or set you back, depending on the situation! Use this period for tapping into your natural bravery and shaping your life in ways you want it to be, but avoid rash decisions and behavior.
GEMINI: You may be reevaluating current plans or incubating new ones rather than going full-speed ahead with new ventures. There can be a lot to do behind the scenes, out of the public eye, or on your own. This is not a time when you feel especially confident about asserting your desires, and you may have a hard time knowing what you want or finding a way to go after what you want.
CANCER: You may be working with others towards a common goal, or you could be putting more energy into networking, activities with friends, causes, or group efforts. This is also a period when you enjoy taking charge and organizing events. Others may be more demanding of you, but it’s likely to be a pleasant sort of popularity you’re experiencing now!
LEO: You may find that matters related to your life path goals, career, or reputation are changing, and doing so in surprising and exciting ways. Or, this is about how you feel about your goals. You could find yourself in the position of leader or manager, or you may have a harder time dealing with authority as you prefer to work independently at your own pace.
VIRGO: This is an energy booster as it helps you feel more in sync with the world around you. Asserting your desires and pursuing your goals directly are natural now after a period of perhaps agonizing over your next step! In the weeks ahead, you may feel considerably less inhibited and more spirited, and you’re also more willing to pursue activities that require a little extra courage to start.
LIBRA: It can be a time of intensity within you or in a close relationship as Mars acts to stir things up. A lot is going on behind the scenes, and it can be challenging to go after your desires directly or straightforwardly for the time being. You tend to write your own rules during this transit, and you are more aware of your instincts and impulses, but you might often keep things to yourself.
SCORPIO: A partner might challenge you in the weeks ahead, which can feel helpful or disruptive, and possibly a bit of both! Impatience in relationships can stir the pot now. There can be notably increased levels of energy or activity in a relationship as things move quickly, life is lively, or filled with conflict during this transit that runs until the end of March.
SAGITTARIUS: While all transits have their place and purpose, some of them are more comfortable than others. This one is not ideal for Mars since it doesn’t have a clear and easy path for action when positioned at odds with your own sign, and in a general sense, asserting yourself doesn’t come especially naturally now. Work and daily routines tend to speed up, though.
CAPRICORN: In fact, asserting your needs or purpose comes naturally to you now, helping you out, and the bonus is that it goes over well with others. Some of you can become quite fired up on romantic or sexual levels, and others may find a creative project especially exciting. Relationships can heat up quickly.
AQUARIUS: It’s excellent for pushing a family or home-related matter forward, but it does require some adjustments to your general approach to pursuing your desires in other areas of life. Family relations that have been strained are likely to enliven now. If there have been tensions brewing, this is a time when confrontations are possible and problems are brought out into the open.
PISCES: While you should watch for tense and impatient communications, actions, and transportation, with excess energy channeled well this can be an excellent time to express your ideas or to take up–or put effort into– learning and studies. You’re ahead of the pack with your ideas during this period, and it’s time for asserting yourself more directly or courageously, with few, if any, apologies!