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12th November 2018

ARIES: You may find yourself working closely with someone else and it may or may not be welcome. Similarly, your point of view may clash with your partner’s, but it’s important to keep everything in perspective. Chances are you will be able to win them over to your side, but today is not the day to attempt this. Wait patiently for the tide to turn.
TAURUS: There is plenty to do today, so get started early. Even if you have caught up on all your housework, your mind and body are in need of maintenance. Fresh air, exercise, and plenty of fruits and vegetables will help you shake off toxins that have been building up for weeks.
GEMINI: If sexual tension is building, plan to release it tonight in a safe, intimate setting. those in committed relationships can enjoy igniting the passion throughout the day, by sending love notes, phone calls and emails. Singles will enjoy getting out tonight for risk-driven assignations.
CANCER: This is the perfect time to contact someone who is far, far away. It will be much easier to let bygones be bygones and to renew the bonds of friendship under these influences, so be open to the process. Some of you may find that the bonds of love, which are never broken, bring a message to you from beyond.
LEO: Today, Keep your desk in order as, superiors may be watching you closely. It’s nothing personal… just part of the normal review process. Keep the personal phone calls to a minimum, and keep your ears open for important information you can use to your benefit. It’s definitely an all-business day.
VIRGO: Friendly competition is ignited, adding excitement to the day. Don’t let this get out of hand, however, as tempers can flare unexpectedly. Emotional energy is very strong now, so use this to your advantage. Those who are involved in supporting a worthy cause will feel as though they are on fire… surround yourself with those who share your ideals.
LIBRA: If you don’t have to work today, find a way to relieve the stress of the past few weeks. A road trip may be just the thing; a small town an hour or two away may hold all the adventure you need. Take a friend along for the ride and enjoy being spontaneous.
SCORPIO: Changes are in store today, especially emotional changes of heart. you may decide you’ve had quite enough of a particular person or group; stand up for yourself and maintain your dignity. Changes are under way among your friends and associates; be supportive of those who need you most.
SAGITTARIUS: Today should be just beautiful.A little escapism won’t be out of place, so go ahead and enjoy a dreamy afternoon. It’s clear sailing for most Water Bearers; why not relish the relative lack of pressure? Romance can be aided by this transit… plan a romantic picnic for two.
CAPRICORN: Time to retreat to home sweet home . Even if the people under your roof drive you crazy sometimes, make an effort to count your blessings. The Stars give you what you need to get out there and conquer the world, after you take some personal time.
AQUARIUS: You may lose your temper easily as upsets and disappointments mar your day. Disagreements with family members may reach a head, causing flare ups and hurt feelings. The energy generated today demands release, so plan to get a good physical workout.
PISCES: You might need to find a way to cheer yourself up today; if you’re feeling blue, remind yourself that it’s just a passing mood. In a few days, life will be looking bright again! Many of you will be tending to the emotional and physical needs of your home and family during this time.