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11th November 2018

ARIES: Do not waste energy or time on secondary issues. You now have the opportunity to correct minute details, so plant your goals firmly in your mind. A long-drawn-out court battle is the last thing you need at the moment.
TAURUS: You enjoy your popularity but feel hemmed in at the office or in a stifling environment. You’re able to conceptualise as well as work out the details of a new assignment. It will be hard to avoid wasting your energy on communication.
GEMINI: It’s a stressful day, so if you can you need to take it as easy as possible. Aggressive communications, arguments and the like are to be avoided, or you’ll find yourself in hot water. Take no chances.
CANCER: You worry that you’re falling out of style. Why? You’re the most stylish sign in the Zodiac. Your priorities move towards your personal needs. In your attempt to advance quickly at work, you might miss out an opportunity. Stay within the realms of what you understand. Romance will improve if you let your mate do the talking.
LEO: There might a lot of hard feelings today but believe in the stars and in your destiny, it will all be worth it in the end. Careful reading of new contracts and timely renewal of existing contracts are advised. It is a good period for meditation and spiritual practices.
VIRGO: You will be ready to leap at your estimated goals and be careful while you do it as reality is not a factor once you have decided to take a certain path. A quiet confidence is what will bring you to the right path and success.
LIBRA: Today you’ll need a little more quiet and solitude than usual. Your drive comes from accomplishing things. You have good organisational skills and commonsense, so make the most of it. You have a fair idea of what makes your beloved tick, but give the benefit of the doubt.
SCORPIO: Your career will prosper while you will remain in a helping mode and gain the confidence of others. There is also a danger of embarking on a number of projects and leaving them mid-way. Health of elderly family members may be of great concern.
SAGITTARIUS: Today there may be a transfer in your job. Your expenses may rise and there may be problems of inheritance and property matters. You need to take extra care if you are working with the government.
CAPRICORN: You seek power in order to outshine your competitors, so make your move! Determination is the key to finishing a job well before the deadline. An unusual work idea leads turns out to be profitable, but avoid spending on impulse, as it’s time to tighten your budget. Love draws you like a magnet and you are likely to over-indulge.
AQUARIUS: Stay focused as you could get sidetracked. Professionally, you may get caught up in too many tasks. There’s positive news regarding income and status and travel plans conclude on a positive note. Efforts to promote yourself in business prove successful. Romantic interests should be right on target as a meaningful connection crosses your path.
PISCES: Students, you will scale great heights of success with the help of hard work and devotion. On the professional front, you will be very successful in your business and in making foreign deals. You may also come across better job prospects. However, you should avoid taking up new ventures.