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10th November 2018

ARIES: A loved one is a thorn in your side today. They’re taking everything very seriously and have a tendency to turn minor niggles into major dramas. Do your best to avoid rising to the bait and becoming equally overwrought, because there’ll be no stopping you once that happens. It may help to make yourself scarce for a while, so you can calm down.
TAURUS: Your working relationships will go well, so it’s going to be a great time for enjoying the company of colleagues and customers. A friendship could spring up from what starts off as a business relationship, so don’t be shy about making the first move if there’s someone you’d like to know better.
GEMINI: Peace is about to break out, so encourage it by being as friendly and easy-going as possible. Let loved ones talk about whatever is important to them right now, and make an effort to listen. There could also be some good news about a house move or building project, although this may involve doing your sums to make sure you can still afford it.
CANCER: All those crossed wires that you’ve had to cope with recently start to sort themselves out from today, leading to a much easier atmosphere with loved ones. It will also help if you can bring yourself to apologize for anything hurtful that you might have done or said, even if you secretly believe that you were provoked beyond endurance and behaved very well under the circumstances.
LEO: You’re feeling much more resilient today, and yesterday’s demons have almost entirely retreated into the woodwork. Get rid of any residual emotion by doing something very practical and satisfying, because it will be therapeutic if you can admire your handiwork or feel pleased with all the work you’ve got through.
VIRGO: This is an ideal day for spending some time and money on your home in order to improve it in some way. You could be inspired to buy some plants for the garden, or you might see the perfect item to brighten up your kitchen. Although you’ll enjoy shopping, you have no desire right now to waste money so won’t want to shell out for anything that isn’t absolutely perfect.
LIBRA: It’s time to clear the air! The atmosphere is still strained between you and certain people, so you need to do something constructive about it. The best way to do this is to have it out and for everyone to have their say, otherwise the level of tension between you will continue to rise.
SCORPIO: You’re in a really cheerful mood, and you’re determined to enjoy yourself at every opportunity. Ideally, that should involve being with some good friends or with one special person. Maybe you could go out on the town together, or have a trip to the cinema? You’ll also enjoy being with children or doing something that’s slightly silly but great fun.
SAGITTARIUS: There have been times when communications haven’t always been very easy, but thankfully they get back to normal from today. This is especially good news for your social life because it means that talking to friends and family will stop being a struggle to make yourself understood and will become much more enjoyable and relaxing.
CAPRICORN: If you neglected your duties yesterday, you’ll get a chance to catch up with them today. What’s more, you’ll take pride in your work and will enjoy feeling that you’ve got everything sorted out and you’re in control again. It’s a good day for tackling domestic chores or for tidying things up at work. If you work from home, you’ll enjoy making your workspace more efficient and comfortable.
AQUARIUS: Feelings are running high for a certain person today, making them difficult to deal with. They seem to be overheating emotionally, so they’re intense, obsessive and easily upset. But maybe they really do have something to be upset about?
PISCES: You’re feeling really good,What’s more, you consider that you’ve done quite enough work for one today and you’re now ready to put your feet up. The only possible snag is that you could easily overdo this, so you ignore important tasks while you relax instead.